Birthdays, Balloons, Bombs

SOOO Unexpected and Awkward...
So I volunteer at Bay Area Community Church as a small group leader for middle school boys, as well as work in the Deep Blue (our kid care preschool through elementary). At one of the weekly middle school events there was a birthday and a bunch of fun balloons were brought in. They stuck around for a while before I began to joke around with them in the Deep Blue. They were supposed to be disposed of but I couldn't help myself. As I messed around with them I was told it was now my responsibility to dispose of them when I was done. 

If you get to know me well enough I have a hard time getting rid of things that aren't broken or completely useless. I didn't know how these balloons were going to be useful but I put them in my car regardless. The following day I was delivering food as a Dasher when I saw a girl walking down West St. with balloons that celebrated an 18th birthday. I thought about Grace Bombing them with some more balloons but I chickened out thinking it would be too awkward and random to have balloons in my car and hand them to the group. 

But then as I continued on another order I drove by a house with a tiny birthday sign across the front door. That's when I was like, "alright, fine God, you win. I'm gonna go be awkward like Pat talked about this morning at church and Grace Bomb these people with some balloons. " Little did I know they were missing balloons for their party, they welcomed me in and I got to explain the whole story of how I happened to have balloons with me, how I chickened out the first time, but that this time I wanted to Grace Bomb them. They wanted to do something in return but I explained Grace and how they didn't need to. They insisted so I gave them extra cards to Grace Bomb others (everyone at the party wanted a card), and invited them all to Bay Area Community Church where if they really wanted to make a donation to our church they could do it in person and be blessed again with a beautiful message from Pat about the Ultimate Grace Bomb, Jesus. 

Here's the live video of it all: