The Angel Penny

So, I didn't use a Grace Bomb card....I actually used a "Angel Penny" with an angel actually cut out of fact, I used many. I was recently re-hired to a former Pharma company and had to spend most of October and November in training in New Jersey. It was clear from day 1 that God was not exactly 'invited' into these 'corporate' meetings and this bothered me a lot. I started dropping these 'Angel Pennies' everywhere I could, kind of as my way of welcoming God and Jesus into this corporate space. One day, a month later, at a meeting in Philadelphia, a new co-worker of mine mentioned to our group that she had fun dropping 'angel pennies' with me on the streets of Jersey City during our last meeting, that moment, another co-worker started to tear up and pull something from her was an Angel Penny. She totally opened up and said...."OMGosh! I FOUND one of those pennies when I needed it the most! I'm adopted and I recently took a "23 and Me" DNA test and found that I had relatives I never knew about in Arizona and I've been on the fence about whether to connect with them or not...I had been asking God for a sign for a few weeks and then I found an Angel Penny! I knew it was God saying 'yes'! So I literally booked a flight and spent my 1st Thanksgiving with blood relatives and cousins upon cousins! And I will NEVER regret meeting my new family and I will always be grateful for that "penny from Heaven that gave me the strength to say yes!" God does belong in the corporate world!!!!!!