Christmas Carols and Comfort

A group of women from The Well, Evening Bible study group spent the evening at Heritage Harbour Nursing Home/ Rehabilitation Center on Tuesday Dec 18. We sang Christmas carols to the residents along with sharing God's love and grace. Vickie Kent had the idea to sing carols for the residents as her father recently moved to Heritage Harbour. God kept adding blessings to the grace bomb as Laura Mooty in the church office donated 50 small Christmas trees, and beautiful decorations to also share with the residents. Vickie and her crew assembled the trees during the afternoon and as we sang through the 4 hallways, we handed out the trees to various resident rooms to bring beauty and cheer. Pat and Lisa Mason led our singing group, as Pat played his guitar. 

It was truly magical as we started singing to a group of residents in the Activity room. They were fine with us turning off their favorite shows. One lady up front belted out the words to each song, from her wheelchair in the front row. For the next 30 minutes, we sang and they sang along, all persons smiling ear to ear with pure joy. One lady, Jackie was next to me. She knew all the words and as I commented to her about that, she replied, "I have been singing these songs for over 75 years. You know I am 90!" My heart was overflowing with love for this beautiful lady, this child of God.

There were several other moments like this through out the evening. We had a parade of wheelchairs strolling with us down each hallway as we sang the Christmas carols in our Santa hats and reindeer antlers. 
To me, this is what Christmas is all about, God's love and grace given to us in his son Jesus, and for us to share his love and grace with others.

It was hard to decide which box to check because I know all us us received a much bigger grace bomb than we dropped that evening.