The God Rock

Four years ago my dear neighbor was diagnosed with cancer. She recently lost he battle and went to join His Kingdom. We have been friends for over fifteen years and over the past year I would go make visits for us to catch up about life and all that was going on. During one of her bouts with cancer, I brought her a special rock that my dear friend Carrie had "Grace Bombed" me with. The rock simply had "God" engraved on it and symbolized "God Rocks!". I asked my friend if she could make me a bunch of these because I had other's I wanted to share this with whose hearts were heavy. One day, I knew it was time to bring this to my neighbor Chareth. I wrote her a note and told her this was her "God Rock" and that whenever she was feeling burdened she was to write her feelings down and tuck it under the Rock and she could revisit this over time to see that ""Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28). She cried when I gave her this and Pat had just done a sermon on Grace Bombs. As Chareth was telling me her journey she had received so many Grace Bombs with her friends, care providers, and army of people standing by her in her battle. She had never heard this term before and as we talked I mentioned "wow, you sure have been Grace Bombed through this journey!" She asked me what this meant and I shared the sermon. She took the "God Rock" and texted me later how much this brought her comfort and that she couldn't stop touching the smooth texture of the rock and feeling the engraving of "God" over and over and she had kept it with her everyday. The following week, she reached out to one of my close friends who is also a personal trainer. She wanted to ask her to work with her so she could build her strength back as she was in "fight" mode and responding to the chemo. About a week later, Chareth sent me this text..."Shannon, I just want you to know that your friend Grace bombed me today and I think I gave her a Grace bomb back. I felt high all day long!" It just made my day as I knew instantly that my friend who was a trainer had connected with her and spent time helping her to feel stronger and extended Grace with her condition. Over the next several months "Grace Bombing" discussions happened with every visit as Chareth's health declined she had gratitude in her heart like I have never seen. She had no fear and had reconciled all here on this Earth and was prepared for His Kingdom. I felt Grace Bombed to have her as a friend and spend the time I did with her the past year. She taught me to accept what God hands you and find goodness in all.