Rough start to the day

This past Saturday, bright and early in the morning, my husband and I took my car to the shop for an oil change. While waiting in line to drop my car off, a disgruntled customer completely went off on the employees behind the counter (undeservedly so), cursing loudly at them, pointing his finger in their faces and causing a scene. Everyone waiting in the shop felt badly about the situation due to the customer’s unnerving behavior and terrible treatment of the employees. It wasn’t even 8:30 am yet and this was how their day had started. Upon returning to the shop later that day to pick up my car, I decided to take the employees a bag filled with chocolate, mints and of course some Grace Bomb cards and BACC Christmas Eve invitations! I told the guy that I handed it to thank you...that I knew they had had a rough start to their day and that I hoped it would only get better. He told me thank you and that he really appreciated it...the smile on his face filled my heart with joy! I hope the Grace Bomb that was dropped served as an encouragement to those hardworking, MUCH appreciated employees!!