Found an opportunity

While Christmas shopping for my niece and nephew at Target, I happen to run into Paster Greg and Mary Kaye of Bay Area Community Church and we caught up and were both "loaded" with a grace bomb, waiting for an opportunity to drop it. I have never dropped a grace bomb, so I was looking forward to an opportunity. 

At the check out counter, our cashier was very friendly and we noticed she had a small cough. She said she had a tickle in her throat, but my wife and I noticed she didn't have any water. I quickly snagged a bottle from the front of the store and threw it in with our items. After grabbing my receipt, I gave the cashier the water bottle along with a grace bomb card and she was incredibly grateful for the small gesture. As small as it was, I felt a lot of joy dropping that small grace bomb and look forward to more opportunities in the future.