BOOM! Ordnance delivered!

I spent most of this December Sunday at my dad's home. We lost dad earlier this year and we are going through that process of settling his affairs. Heading into Christmas, the first without either of my parents (we lost mom in 2012), I have been overwhelmed with the memories of family traditions, including a favorite: Christmas caroling through my teens with my parent's Prayer Bible Fellowship. ...About 20 adults and a six string, walking the neighbor on December nights. Sounds a bit Hallmark-y, but those nights were calm and bright and, well, Noel. This evening, back at home, we were visited by Christmas carolers, a first time for our family. The Bay Area Student Leaders stopped by to drop a little grace, sing a few carols, and gift us some sweets. Means more than you know, that sweet irony. BOOM! Ordnance delivered!