A week of bombing

Last week was a week of mass bombings... Crossing Guard, Trash and Recycling Crew, UPS Man, and a housekeeper at a hotel! What fun it was to have the family join in (and maybe even embarrass the kids along the way)! My husband and I have talked about this at length because our hearts are always looking for ways to help people in need financially, in service, or in words. The cards is what sets this movement apart for us! Being able to attach something that explains the concept of grace and introduces Jesus to those we meet is a game changer. Although in our hearts, we know the reason we do the things we do BUT, being able to explain it to someone by attaching a card is vital because we may never interact personally with the person ever again. The last thing I want to add, is that the LISTENING part is key! We all want to hear from the Lord! Being in tune with what the Lord would want from us is highlighted again with this Grace Bomb series at church. Walking daily with our eyes and ears open to the Lord is WORSHIP and it has been a pleasure riding this journey this advent season. Thanks for taking this "dream" and being obedient so that others are blessed and dry bones awakened!