The Gold Penant

Grace Bomb dropped by God himself...Back in January 2010 (2nd to be exact) my mom went unexpectedly to be with broke me heart because she was always the heart in my family growing up, completely selfless. Anyway, I became a Police Officer with Annapolis City in 2003..when I graduated the police academy my wife bought me a gold pendant in the shape of a police badge which read “Worlds Best Dad”. Now that’s a big deal because we were dead broke when I graduated, so I put that pendant on a gold chain which my mother bought me when I graduated Old Mill HS in 1989. So, between the chain and the pendant, they meant the world to me.

In the summer of 09 I was working beach security for our annual beach party. During that party one of our locals became belligerent and began fighting anyone he could. Needless to say, I had to remove him from the beach. When I got home later that night I realized my chain and pendant were gone. It had broken during the struggle when I made this dude leave. It was 10:30pm, dark, and I went down to the beach to search for it in the sand. After an hour of looking nothing. I went home, retraced my steps and nothing. Being completely distraught, I went back down to the beach around midnight I began walking around again with my flashlight and nothing. I turned off the flashlight, looked up to the heavens and asked God to please help me find this necklace...I turned the flashlight back on looked down and the necklace was at my feet!!!! I couldn’t have been more amazed by that bomb. I know this isn’t the same type of thing others are sending, but to me, I knew God was listening and knew how much I was hurting over her loss. Anyway, just thought I’d share...remind me one day to tell you how he answered my prayer of hearing her voice one more time!