Walked Out On The Check

So this evening my friend and I went out for a couple of beers & appetizers. It's place we go to sometimes but not exactly regulars. The bar was very busy and only two bartenders they were covering it and they were hustling. Suddenly bartender Joey, was very agitated. I heard him say to the other bartender, "If we don't know them, you have to get a credit card." It was apparrent that somebody had walked out on their check. About 15-20 minutes later I witness Joey take $80 from the tip jar and put it into the register for cover this check. I mentioned this to my friend and she and I at the same time, without even consulting each other, each pulled out a $20 bill. We called Joey over and gave him the $40 and told him that this was to be put torward the check that walked out, now please give us our check. He flatly refused and pushed it back at us we said well you going to get it one way or the other, so take this to present us with our checks. Then Cindy remembered she still had grace bomb cards in her purse. She pulled one out presented it to Joey and said "There now you can't refuse it, you have been grace bombed, we got these from our church, we attend Lighthouse Church in Glen Burnie.” We told him to look it up the internet address on the card tomorrow and he said he would and thanked us both very much. Knowing how hard they work behind that bar only to have somebody walk out on a $80 check makes for a bad evening. It was nice to help them recover some of that!