Double Drop

I was in Florida celebrating our milestone birthday's with some girlfriends from elementary and high school. I was feeling very blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life and I made a promise to myself that I was going to use my Grace Bomb card on the trip. We were having dinner and our server was exceptional. She knew her stuff and made the evening much more memorable! I decided to give her an additional tip along with a Grace Bomb card. It made me feel really good, so much that I did it again with another server on a different day. When I got back from my trip I still had Grace Bomb cards in my wallet and decided to do it again. This time I was in the drive thru and paid for the person behind me and asked the cashier to hand them a Grace Bomb card. My husband has always done random acts of kindness to people as I would watch in the background and smile. Having the Grace Bomb cards in my wallet just gives me the extra nudge and reminder that it isn't hard to grace someone!