Guitars and Grace

I happened to be in the Severna Park Music and Arts waiting for my boyfriend to finish buying something, when I was distracted by a woman who walked in the door. She had left a rolling suitcase and some grocery bags outside the door and walked straight to the counter, where the clerk seemed to know her. The clerk then goes and retrieves a small starter guitar that the woman wanted to buy. She begins counting out her crumpled money to see if she has enough to buy the guitar. I feel prompted to buy the guitar for the lady, so I ask if I can bless her with the guitar and handed her a grace bomb card. Even after buying the guitar I don’t feel like my mission is complete. I then overheard the store clerk ask the lady if she is going to walk all the way home with all of her stuff. It is important to mention that it was a cold and rainy day, so even walking to my car seemed miserable. I then ask the lady if my boyfriend and I can give her a ride to her home. After a small protest, we load the lady and her new guitar in the car and begin driving down Ritchie Highway. While we are driving we discussed her story and her experience with church. Like all of us, her story was unique and full of pain, but she could not stop smiling talking about how long she had been wanting to buy herself a guitar. It was at this point that I realize we have made it all the way to Rt. 50, when she finally tells us to turn off at where her home is. She is overly grateful as we drop her off, but as we drove away, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy because what I had intended to be a small favor, the Lord had known would be a monumental blessing to this woman.