Soul Eternally Filled... In a McDonalds

Yesterday I went to McDonald’s in Crofton on Route 3. It was the McDonald’s that was just remodeled with the playground area. We usually don’t go to that one, but we went because of promise, or should I say bribe haha, that I made with my kiddos because they had to go with me to a meeting later. I had a friend visiting from out of town with us too. We sat down in the play area to eat lunch and not long after we started eating did a gentleman come up to us that was asking for money. I knew I didn’t have any cash on me and I said I’m sorry that I don’t have cash on me and neither did my friend. The gentlemen left and went toward the register. Then we just sat there for a few seconds and I told my friend and kids that I was going to go buy him a meal. So I went up to him and asked him if he was hungry. He said “yes.” I asked when was the last time he had eaten and he said he thought he ate something yesterday. I remember I had a grace bomb card in my wallet and I pulled it out and told him that I was “grace bombing” him and explained that a grace bomb is based on receiving an undeserved gift from someone. You can’t pay for it and you can’t earn it, but rather it’s freely given and he just had to freely receive it. I was about to stop there and just get his 2 fish fillet sandwiches and a large strawberry shake (because I asked him what he liked). (I also asked him if he wanted French fries or anything else, but he said no.) But God nudged me to explain the whole concept of Grace Bomb so I told him that in the same way God offers us His grace, and His grace is the gift of salvation. I asked if he had ever heard of that and he said no. At that point, I asked if we could step out of the line to order for a second and I could share more about this grace thing with him. So we stepped out of line and I started to explain the gospel. I explained how we are all sinners and we are separated from God and there is nothing good enough that we can do to earn right standing with God, but God knew this and He provided a way that we could be made right with Him. He sent His son, Jesus to die in our place and make a bridge between us and God. I can’t remember when I asked this gentlemen’s name, it may have been at this point. He said it was Russell. I got a little choked up as I continued to explain that the gift of salvation was for him too. That God was offering salvation to him. Russell agreed that he was a sinner and I asked if he wanted to receive this free gift of salvation from God. He said yes without even hesitating and then I explained to him that he could pray with me and repeat the words with me in a declaration to God but only to repeat the words if they resonated with his heart. So right there in McDonald’s off to the side of the register line, we prayed together and we prayed something like this and Russell repeated every word after me…. “Lord, I believe that I am a sinner. Lord I believe that you sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins. I ask you to forgive me for my sins. I invite Jesus into my life. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in my heart that you raised Jesus from the dead. And you say that I'm saved. Thank you for your salvation. Thank you for your Holy Spirit. Amen.” I congratulated Russell after that and I wish I would have said much more to assure him of his salvation. I encouraged him to check out the Grace Bomb website with the card I gave him. I then ordered his 2 fish fillet sandwiches and milkshake and I told him to enjoy. And I shook his hand. Then as I drove off with my friend and kiddos we waved goodbye to Mr. Russell because he was eating near the parking lot. Man, what I thought may have been a fluke was something that God ordained from the beginning of time and that is what God has me still in awe about. I think, wow, people are a lot more ready than we think. It’s amazing to see that we never know how God has already orchestrated things. Ephesians 2:10 comes to mind about how God has prepared good works for us to walk in and He has prepared them in advance. Like the meeting with Mr. Russell was NOT a fluke, but a God-ordained, God-orchestrated divine appointment. Sometimes we may be planting seeds, but other times it may just be that the harvest is plentiful so that when we verbally share the gospel, people are truly just waiting for an invitation and they actually say, “yes.” Yes, God is SAVING people and continuing to do so. I praise Him for this!! Russell sure was ready. He belly was filled yesterday, but something much greater, something eternal happened yesterday his soul was eternally filled and sealed with the Holy Spirit.