"You Didn't Have To Do This"

The job of my dreams didn't work out, and I don't know why. Since being let go I have done what I do best, Hustle! Everyone knows me as the guy who can and will try anything. One of my many part-time gigs as I try to get back into my passion for the airline industry is being a Dasher for Doordash (Doordash is like Uber Eats, I pick up food and deliver it to people). 

The job is cool because I make my own schedule and the pay is decent. But what is cooler is that even though I'm alone all the time its like I work for and with a team from every restaurant I pick up from. Of all the restaurants though, The Cheesecake Factory has been a much stronger bond. I go there so often, and with my bow tie it's not easy to miss or forget me LOL. But while I have a distinctive physical trait there is someone working at The Cheesecake Factory who has a distinctive work ethic trait. This woman is always working so hard to make the carry out orders and deal with the dozens of them every hour. She just always looks so all over the place! But in a good way, cause I know she is working so hard!!

I imagine that she doesn't get tipped like the servers, or acknowledged by customers, so I wanted her to know she was acknowledged by God. Today after weeks of seeing her work so hard as she handed me my next order, I exchanged with her a tip (I had earned earlier in the day) along with a GraceBomb card. She asked, what is this? I told her she should check out the website and headed for my car. As I backed away she stuck her head out the door and said, "You know you didn't have to do this?" I said "I know, but you deserve it." And I drove off. I know I will see her again, and I just can't wait to see where the conversation and relationship goes!! :)