Set the Pace

I am a waiter at applebees in Easton, Md. I’ve been there about a month, so im the new guy at work, pretty much, and have had kind of a rough start there. I’m not new to waiting tables at all but have been dealing with some jealousy from a couple co-workers and rumors at work. I’m also one of the only male servers. So anyway, a couple came into to eat last night with their two daughters and were very pleasant to wait on. There bill came to $32. When i came to pick up the credit slip, i saw they left me a 100% tip! They left a $32 tip on a $32 bill. I showed my manager who has my back with all the drama and she said “See, keep it up your hard work will pay off in the end.” Things just went well the rest of night but this definitely set the pace. Thank you to the random couple! Much Love!