Bartender Grace Bomb

A few months ago, perhaps June, I felt a nudge to chat with a bartender at a bar. I asked her what she was wrestling with and she talked to me about some issue with her mother that I don't recall--perhaps cancer diagnosis. Anyway, I gave her a gift with a grace bomb card and walked out. As I was walking away, I saw her literally run out of the bar to catch up to me. She told me she was deeply moved by the gesture, and I was able to pray over her briefly right there in the middle of downtown Annapolis and briefly share some of God's heart for her. 

Anyway, last night I went back to the same bar. I wish I could say that it was for ministry reasons, but actually I went to get a drink and escape for a while from the stress and exhaustion of an extended job search; I still believe God is going to pull through and there'll be something great on the other side, but it's been a long, tiring ride. 

The same bartender walked up to me and remembered who I was. In addition to the check books she drops off to customers, like many servers she has her own check book which she keeps on her person at all times at work to help stay organized. She showed me her check book, and in the inside pocket she keeps the grace bomb card that I gave her a few months ago, so that she sees that card every time she has a shift at work. 

It was a great reminder that even small acts especially when unexpected can have lasting impacts on people. And it was a blessing to me in a season of challenge to remember that God's using me.