Connect, Grow, Recharge

A few weeks ago I heard about an upcoming spiritual women's retreat. I briefly thought about how I would love to go but I brushed the thought off because I knew I didn't have the money and it's extremely rare that I can get someone to keep my kids. I'm a single mom with hardly any help. Last week I learned that an anonymous person wanted to sponsor a woman who otherwise couldn't afford it, and someone had thought of me. I was so excited! I contacted my cousin, the only person who takes my kids overnight every once in a blue moon so I can get a break, to tell her about the retreat and ask if she would be willing to help. She said yes! I then officially accepted the offer to go and was told I had been grace bombed. I am so grateful to be blessed to attend this retreat where I will be able to connect with other women, grow spiritually, and recharge after a few super stressful months!