How About We Trade

"While waiting at the drive-thru at Wendy's, after ordering the chive baked potato (let's face it, that's really not a drive-thru food). I could tell the employee wasn't having a great day. I even said; "one of those days, huh?" she smiled and nodded her head. As I waited and of course listened to Christian radio. I could see the gentleman behind me who was obviously getting a lesson in patience; I pondered if I should pull over and go inside so he could be served next and quickly, but no one would return to the window for me to ask. In any case, while I waited, I pulled out the $10 Target gift card, that Target gave free because I spent oodles of money on school supplies, quickly wrapped it up with a Grace Bomb card, and when she handed me my food, I merely said "thanks, and how about we trade." Then drove off. I was hopeful the gentlemen behind me was kind to her, but at least I left her with an uptick of kindness in her seemingly long day!"