Every Ride I Give

"I am currently driving for Uber until I find a full-time job. I dropped a grace bomb to a couple leaving Annapolis to BWI airport after seeing their Plebe son during Parents Weekend. They were so stunned and thankful, especially after I explained this was through our local church. Their son has been looking for a local church and they were so excited while I was sharing about our church, they were online on the church website and texting their son, they found a church for him!

So I have been out of work for a few months now and have been an Uber driver to bring in some income. During this grace Bomb series, I have been giving free rides to people and handing out the card. Not only have I been able to talk about grace and at times, share the love of Jesus, I have been grace bombed myself - by Jesus! I have been so down about our family's struggling situation not realizing Jesus is grace bombing me with every ride I give. He is lovingly reminding me to continue to follow Him and He will provide our needs. Thank you so much, Jesus! Through Uber, I have found a part-time office job with a local company. The position may turn full-time and our family will be alright. Thank you, Jesus! Even after this series, I am still going to grace bomb people, it's just the right thing to do."