"My son Wesley and I wanted to take someone from church out to lunch today. Sometimes on the way out the door, I'll grab a kiddo to join us for a bite or to do whatever it is we're heading to do.

We asked four or five people at Bay Area if they wanted to join us. All declined. I texted three "unchurched" friends to join us. Two didn't respond; one declined.

So Wes and I headed off to Green Turtle Annapolis to have our lunch date, sans a guest. I told our server of my plight to reach out to someone to treat them to lunch. I explained how Bay Area has challenged us to reach out and "Grace Bomb" people in the community. She and I looked around to choose someone I could pay the bill for.

I found an older couple and asked her to find out the server for their table. When she explained to the server that I wanted to cover the bill, the server asked, "why?" Our server explained, "it's like paying it forward."

While I don't know how the couple responded to their bill being paid for, what I do know is this, while I didn't actually "Grace Bomb" the two servers, I realized today that the Grace Bomb project goes well beyond those who are directly blessed and ripples out to those who are indirectly involved. What a gift ❤️ I don't want Bay Area to ever stop having Grace Bomb cards available. It brings me so much joy."