Cleaning His Car

"Grace Bombing people has been a blessing and a heartache at the same time. The heartache wasn't from a stranger or friend but from my husband. After being away for work for a week, I "thought" I would surprise him when I picked him up from the airport with his vehicle completely cleaned! I mean cleaner than a teenage girls' room!!! I spent 2 hours cleaning upholstery, dashboard, floor mats and carpet, windows, tires, etc!! It never looked so clean or smelled so good! I was so happy and excited to see his reaction. I decided to tape the "Grace Bomb" card to the passenger side so he would see it when he sat down. Wow! His reaction was disheartening and cut like a knife in my heart. After a short hello, he immediately saw the card and exclaimed with "What is this crap?", "I don't want this on my car" "Why is it there?". I asked if he noticed how clean the car was and how good it smelled. Of course, he didn't notice - his excuse was he had his sun glasses on. Right? I was so stunned and hurt by his tone and his response. Through tears, I explained to him what a "Grace Bomb" was and how BACC is gracing people through acts of kindness. After a very hurtful one-way conversation on how I have changed and everything is about BACC, I decided not to engage in his rant and sat silently listening and praying. How can one, whose heart is so hard (I blame it on two years in Iraq and his unwillingness to be vulnerable) know how to make others happy and accept kindness from others? I felt defeated. But, 20 minutes after arriving home, he apologized for his reaction, his tone, and thanked me for cleaning his car. I, of course, accepted his apology and explained to him why helping others and showing others kindness and love is so very much needed in this world. He is also a police officer and sees the worst in humanity. I keep him in prayer, daily, for God to soften and open his heart. Even though this experience cut me to my core, it will not hinder me from going forward and keep grace bombing others and showing God's love!"