"Well, I've been dropping mini Grace Bombs intentionally, words of encouragement, prayers to friends, supporting loved ones. Yesterday I brought Chick Fil A in for a co-worker (all without the Grace Bomb Card) This morning at 7-11 a young lady stepped up behind me in line with her breakfast, and I asked her if I could pay for it for her. She smiled and said I didn't have to but I told her I wanted to. I paid and reached into my purse and gave her the Grace Bomb Card! I asked that she go to the website and learn a bit about Grace Bombing and requested she be kind to others. Yes, it was uncomfortable for me at first, but as I walked out of 7-11 her mom waved and smiled through the window as they were driving away. I went up the ramp and took a wild leap out of my comfort zone. All Glory to God!"