Cookies across the Country

My friend who lives in Washington was having a hard time. It was Girl Scout cookie season so I was spreading the word that I was selling them. Since she was having a hard time, I offered to buy her Girl Scout cookies with my own money, it took a while to execute but when it happened, and I saw that she had received them, it made me so happy that I could not stop smiling. We still continue to talk to this day and I’m forever grateful to have her in my life.

A bomb per week

Twelve ladies meet every Tuesday afternoon in my neighborhood for a Bible study. Each month we do an outreach project to impact our local community and after hearing about Grace Bomb, our group decided to make Grace Bomb our project this month. Each lady in our group took four cards to Grace Bomb someone each week. At the end of the month, we will share our Grace Bomb stories and how it affected not only our local neighborhood but how it impacted each one of us.

While Driving

I was driving home in Annapolis from picking up food from my parents and saw this car in front of me had in large letter with little pictures of an actual bomb and I thought "hmmm...that's one way to get your attention." When I parked, I looked it up and here I am typing to you about it lol. I felt like I received joy right there. Seeing that taught me we dont have to overextend ourselves to show God's grace. You can literally let someone just read it. It made my day especially through a hard week. My grandmother passed away in the Philippines in her sleep. She had Alzheimers and while we are glad she no longer has to suffer, my mom had to watch her mom be buried through a Facebook video chat. It broke my heart that we couldnt be there with the rest of my family. So getting some joy just driving is amazing and I'm so thankful.

No Card Needed

I attend Bay Area so am fully ingrained with Grace Bomb...and while this didn't come with an actual card, I felt like it was definitely still worth sharing. Today has been a very hard day. I am dealing with some health issues and been feeling lonely in the process. Today a client brought in a Starbucks gift card just for me to simply say that she sees me caring for others everyday and she just wanted to say thank you. What sat with me the most was that she 'sees me'. Again this beautiful gift and gesture didn't come with a card, but I felt like it was God's way of Grace Bombing me and reminding me that He sees me. I really needed that.