This one's on me

While on a mini vacation to Nashville (gracebomb from my boss, Paula) we had the opportunity to share a table with strangers at a honky tonk bar. I told the waitress I would like to buy a round of drink for everyone. When the drinks came I gave each couple a Grace bomb card and told them drinks are on me. The best part is the one of the men came over to my very moved by the gesture and asked all about the cards and grace. He wanted so badly to pay it back but I told him that's not what this was about and to check out the site. When each couple left they gave me and my boss big hugs. As a bonus, the waitress came over to me and told me I made her day by what I just did for others and the nice tip I left for her. The gracebomb was good; the conversation that I was able to have about the grace of God was even better!

On Good Friday, my boyfriend and I were dining at an IHOP in Dallas after the church service ended. Every time our waiter, Casey, came around the table, I heard the Lord tell me: “Casey, I am with you and I am for you”. I didn’t share this with boyfriend until it was time to take care of the bill. Unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend tipped Casey 100% of the cost of our meal and together, we wrote 3 Post-It notes worth of encouraging words, telling Casey how much the Lord loved him. My boyfriend left his contact number hoping Casey would reach out. We really hope we planted some seeds into this young man’s life!

Prayed for in the parking lot

I spent Friday night in the hospital in extreme pain due to an autoimmune disease. My husband was currently too sick to take care of me and I knew I had to take care of him. Saturday morning rolls around and I hobble over to the corner market with just enough money to buy water. I see two men pull up in a truck and the gas station attendant mentions that those men show up every Saturday morning with food and that they're from a new local church. I need to find a church so I hobble over to them to say hello. I tell them that I'm not homeless and I'm sure I've got something at home to eat and that I was looking for information about their church. They could see the physical pain on my face. They placed their hands on my shoulders and prayed for me and of course I cried. They knew what I was going through without me saying much. Then they insisted that I take food for both myself and my husband. On Sunday morning I woke up without pain for the first time in years. They didn't give me a grace bomb card but boy did I recieve grace. I'm going to their church on Sunday and I intend to tell them all about grace bomb.

Bus Stop Cookies

I was picking my son up from school after a band lesson. I had baked cookies for a new neighbor moving in that I had planned on dropping off with an invite to our church for Easter Sunday. As I drove by their home it looked like no one was home and might not be the best time to drop off freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and the invite. I drove on to pick up my son, and on our way back, I was sharing with him why we were going to take our neighbors the cookies I baked. As I was telling him and approaching our intersection to turn to go home, this woman was crossing the street with the look of extreme hurt which seemed to scream across her face. I felt so deeply inside I was supposed to turn around and go back through the intersection and give her these cookies with a word from the Lord. I turned around and my son said mom what are you doing..?. I told him I felt deep down in my heart that these cookies are supposed to go to this woman. If I can find her again I’m going to give them to her. He sat quietly and said ok. I said we can make more for our neighbor but these are supposed to be for her. I feel it so strongly. I crossed the intersection and there she was sitting in a bus stop booth along side another woman. I pulled over and got out with my heart in my throat about to cry knowing the Lord was pressing on my heart to obey him. I got the cookies wrapped for the neighbor and handed them to her with a grace bomb card I frantically found in the bottom of my purse. As I handed them to her I told her that these were meant for her, that they were cookies I had just baked and I wanted her to have them. I told her hat Jesus loves her so deeply and that if she seeks him with all we heart she will find him. The woman sitting next to her said you are going to make me cry, you just said a mouthful. I said I know I’m holding back the tears myself. She said God bless you. I reiterated to the woman in need that Jesus loved her and left. As I was leaving I prayed that the Lord would put it on the woman’s heart sitting next to her to pray with her and that she would find Jesus today.